About Us

WCP Construction, a company focused on construction, maintenance of homes and offices, we carry out various services focused on this field such as carpentry, installation of floors and among others.


WCP Constructiom always seeks innovation in its services and customer service


At WCP Construction our focus is you.

Cost & benefit

We offer several services in the field of construction and maintenance as best cost & benefit.

Quality service

We have a great customer service.

About WCP Construction

WCP Construction is a company that works in the field of real estate construction, aiming without credibility with our clients. We have a network of professionals trained to perform their duties, always aiming for excellence in the quality of work and care.

We are a company focused on results, every work done we donate to the maximum so that our customers are satisfied with our deliveries. Our intention goes beyond delivering excellent quality to our customers, one of our premises is to offer new experiences and horizons to our customers.